Kitchens with 'trendy' details

In these kitchens of modern designs They highlight some of the most revolutionary details in the sector. They are kitchens equipped with latest generation furniture and a marked trend 'trendy', that is, the latest. These are proposals that flee from classicism to bet on new and inspired creations.


The rectangular surfaces of all life are giving way to new forms, including circular and oval finishes. More innovative designs that break with classic shapes to create a more dynamic and eye-catching environment. Between the materials of coating it continues emphasizing the marble, with a bet more renewed, and another innovative detail are the tables of the style bar of bar.

The mix of styles continues to be a firm proposal: the most avant-garde designs join styles with a more retro look to recreate kitchens with a more personal finish. They take kitchens a lot with two and even three colors.


Very 'trendy' are also the equipment in steel and with monochrome finish. Kitchens with a seemingly simplified appearance, large volumes and a very sophisticated design, like this kitchen that we show below.


But do not forget that the good use of wood is still a safe value to conquer. The simplicity and beauty of its finishes combine with state-of-the-art appliances. In this case, classicism reaches a new identity stamp.


Another contribution to the last one are electric colors as protagonists. Bright yellows, fuchsia roses, violets, blues and reds to dress with their energy a totally renewed space.



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