Kitchens with air shelves

We all want to have enough storage space to be able to organize our kitchen. But having dozens of closets is not synonymous with organization. Kitchen cabinets usually hide clutter and it is difficult to find things in them, especially in those that are hanging on the wall. That is why you are seeing a return to the open shelves. Popular in rustic style kitchens, this functional and decorative storage solution is also common in contemporary spaces as it does not break the clean lines that characterize these spaces. In addition the shelves are the perfect place to put collectibles as well as those in common use. Design and functionality combine to make the kitchen full of carefully selected objects.

Open shelves in the kitchen 1

Nothing obscures the view in this modern kitchen, there is no space for traditional hanging cabinets. Even the refrigerator is an industrial model located under the counter. The low cabinets hide the objects of frequent use whereas in the superior part the shelves to the air are reserved for some small objects of decoration. Nothing distracts from the most fabulous resource of this kitchen, the views.

Open shelves in the kitchen 2

The pine planks put a warm note and soften the visual effect of the polished concrete that massively shapes this contemporary environment. The sculptured silver globes are a creation of the Canadian designer Martha Sturdy. The open shelves allow the owners to display their favorite objects without hiding the beautifully decorated walls.

Open shelves in the kitchen 3

Stainless steel appliances frame some open shelves on which sits a stone countertop. The upper shelves are reserved for collectibles, while the lower shelves are responsible for providing storage for frequently used kitchen accessories.

Open shelves in the kitchen 4

Another option can be to remove the doors of the upper cupboards and leave those of the lower cupboards. This is the case of this kitchen decorated by the editor of House & Home style, Michael Penney, who also lined the interior of the cabinets with a fabric with texture that gives the kitchen a chic and informal look.

Open shelves in the kitchen 6

In the kitchens of industrial style the shelves to the air are essential since they help to obtain that aspect that remembers us in everything to a professional kitchen.


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