Kitchens with a very special design

These kitchens they have in common a very special design, because in all of them the classic cupboards with doors are ignored to move to order the accessories in open shelves, perfectly in view. A novel trend that reproduces the latest in interior design through a concept of kitchen more like a bookstore.

Design kitchens 1

The crockery, the glasses and the cutlery, as well as the spice pans, coffee jars, recipe books and other typical kitchen utensils, are ordered in these visual shelves, guaranteeing a perfect organization and a quick location of everything we need. .

Design kitchens 2

Design kitchens 3

Six examples of kitchen with open spaces, diaphanous, in which the different places that comprise it (American bar, sink, the area of ​​the stoves) remain clearly separated within the same set. Each area is displayed independently, but ensuring cohesion between the elements.

Design kitchens 4

Design kitchens 5

Wood appears as an essential material, which reminds us of the old kitchens of our childhood, in which this material shone as the protagonist. To this is added the use of newer elements, such as formica, marble, corian or aluminum, to name a few. Once again, classicism and avant-garde as banners of a luminous and functional style.

Design kitchens 6


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