Kitchens with a pop touch

Colorful, expressive and full of charming details, these are the proposals of kitchen where is appreciated a very pop touch. From pastel tones to a palette of electric colors, there is everything in these kitchens that unites a common denominator: the idea of ​​making these spaces a fun, unique and with personality. Let's see what different ways you can give this pop touch to your kitchen without needing to completely reform.

Kitchens with pop details 1

Warm colors: use warm and bright colors to furnish the kitchen is a premise that can be split to give a different style. Retro stools, a lot of red, fuchsia, yellow or orange ... and many accessories and accessories in fun colors, like those of this first proposal.

Pop accessories: The use of accessories with another style can give the kitchen that indisputable touch that breaks with formality and makes it a special place in the house. In this sense, we can use a more personalized tableware, with drawings, or small colored appliances, as well as other small utensils for cooking with more personalized characteristics, ideal for collectors.

Kitchens with pop details 2

Pastel colors: another option is to switch to pastel colors. A range in pink and pastel blue can turn the kitchen into the pop scene par excellence, with a stylized vintage dot. This is the case of our next proposal:

Kitchens with pop details 3

We also contradict this other proposal, in a different line. It is a minimal expression kitchen with a colorful red, fuchsia and white. This cuisine reveals, above all, pop modernity and luxury design:

Kitchens with pop details 4

We end with a pop concept that resembles more those coffee shops of the 50s and 60s: pastel shades in raw, seats with geometric prints and retro furniture, like that table with circular foot. Straight lines, amplitude and a really pop color contrast.

Kitchens with pop details 5


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