Kitchens: the protagonists in avant-garde furniture.

The kitchen furniture, are constantly reinventing to meet the requests of those who want to achieve maximum comfort in this particular place of home.


The different kitchen furniture are composed of different materials that give a modern touch to this important space in our home. When choosing them, we must look for those whose constituent materials are those that meet the best finishing quality, for which we recommend the Euro-laminated, Euro-metallic and Euro-EURO JOHNSON. Within these, there are various furnishings that are characterized by their perfect combination of beauty and performance.
In most models, the main constituent material is MDF coated, with details in woods such as oak or Polymeric Thermoformed material that makes it resistant to impact and household fluids.
For any model, the handles and handles can be chosen from a variety of different designs, while the hinges have an easy assembly and disassembly without screws, speeding up the installation of the furniture and making cleaning functional.
In addition, the drawers on corraderas present a smooth and silent glide and have an automatic closing system and self-locking device. The load they admit is up to 25 kilos.
The properties of these modern furnishings allow a perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality that add comfort and beauty to the kitchen, that is why choosing EURO JOHNSON is an intelligent choice.



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