Kitchens open to the living room

Every time the floors in the city are smaller, therefore we are forced to optimize more the meters. This is why many people decide to throw partitions and create open areas.

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But not all people decide to do it for the issue of winning meters, but also for the simple pleasure of creating open spaces or by the entry of light into an area that usually, on the floors, is usually dark or to an interior patio or gallery. In this way, visually spacious and bright environments are gained.

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Open kitchens 3

Other people decide to leave open environments because of the sense of spaciousness and grandiosity that the stay achieves. When this option is the one they like, a reform is carried out to leave as few partitions as possible and divide and separate spaces through decorative or visual elements.

Open kitchens 4

Open kitchens 5

The typical New York lofts are famous and, with the passage of time, we have almost been forced to impose this trend in our small apartments.

Create in the same environment the living area integrated into the kitchen and we are surprised, it is more, for many of us it is an option that we choose although it is not a problem of meters, if not for the simple fact that we like how it is the space and the comfort of having everything in the same area.

Open kitchens 6

Open kitchens 7

Nowadays, it is no longer a problem to have the kitchen in this way, since there are countless decorative and practical solutions. For example, we no longer have to worry about the fact that the appliances are visible from the living room, as there are integration solutions, even in furniture or ceiling hoods. And we should not take away the sleep smells when cooking, because there are bells and extractors that take care of this theme so that our stay looks beautiful and smells good.

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