Kitchens in black ... Do you dare?

When it comes to buying the kitchen, what is more difficult to decide is the color, much more than the distribution, and most people opt for light colors, simple, with light and other conventional features, but only a few daring they opt for the bold and always elegant black color.

Kitchens in black 1

And it is that what many do not know, that a kitchen, so that it has light and it is seen wide, does not have to be the white or beige furniture.

A kitchen can have black furniture, if natural light allows it, and if this is not your case, the countertop will be placed in spotless white.

Kitchens in black 2

White countertops, white walls and floors with a touch of wood, is the perfect combination to have a kitchen with black furniture and be exquisitely elegant.

Kitchens in black 3

In addition, we will visually expand its light and size, if the furniture is a gloss lacquered dm, because that mirror effect will make the kitchen look brighter and bigger.

Kitchens in black 4

The effect of these kitchens is usually sober, elegant and sophisticated, so if you are looking for this touch, do not hesitate to place a kitchen with furniture in black.

Kitchens in black 5

As well as being elegant, it is a timeless bet that you will never see out of fashion, and above all, you will not get tired of seeing it. It's like a black dress, you always use it.

Kitchens in black 6

If you want, in addition to elegance, win in warmth, you can have a black kitchen with a successful combination of natural color wood.

A winning bet where there are.

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