Kitchen reform in Notting Hill

A couple who own a home in the London suburb of Notting Hill asked Johnny Holland (designer Remodeler Architect) to expand and transform their "dark cubbyhole" into a spacious, functional and bright kitchen. Holland had to require specialized collaboration since the basic structure of the house had to be modified to extend the back of the house where the house is located. kitchen .

Kitchen reform 1

The effect of frameless glazing is that the garden wall extends continuously from the inside of the kitchen to the back of the garden which creates a sense of extraordinary spaciousness.

Kitchen reform 2

When it comes to what could be broadly described as "minimalism", every detail acquires great importance. For which it is essential to work with obsession the finish, it must be perfect to get that feeling of harmony.

Kitchen reform 3

And achieving that level of perfection in the finishes requires working with very meticulous and detailed professionals, the cabinets perfectly aligned, the union of the countertop with the wall just perfect.

Kitchen reform 4

The glass embedded in profiles embedded in the wall and sealed with silicone. To the side the sliding door, an original solution that flees from the typical glass.

Kitchen reform 5

Special care has been given to the lighting, which has numerous elements, recessed spotlights, lamps and corner lights. More the natural light that has been captured through the wall and glass door that give the garden and the roof of the space gained to the house, also glazed.

Kitchen reform 6

The floor covered with oak wood in natural tone unifies the different spaces from the kitchen to the living room.

Kitchen reform 7

The extension required a deep structural study, since the addition had to be supported by a dividing wall of the house. The transformation has been really prodigious, amplitude and light have completely changed the aspect of the kitchen .


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