Kitchen items used in Christmas decoration

A small suggestion that can transform the Christmas decoration from your home in an original way, let's get away from the standardized decorations and turn our house into a warm home where we can receive friends and family with all our affection. The Cookware , new or old will help create home heat in our Christmas decoration.

Christmas decoration with kitchen items 1

The trays for pies , especially those that have standing or are for pies of various heights are magnificent items to decorate if we add small plants or plant crowns. The flat trays they can also be used to decorate, we will use them as a backdrop for a centerpiece, for example.

Christmas decoration with kitchen items 2

A beautiful pasta strainer can be used to make a centerpiece with a large candle and decorated with holly. A Cup with Christmas spheres can be placed on any furniture in the hall or the living room as a decorative element. And canning jars are excellent for mounting original candles with red fruits and green branches.

Christmas decoration with kitchen items 3

Metal trays arranged on the wall or on the coffee table with pineapples and other vegetable decoration typical of the time. The glassware used as vases or candle holders are very common elements that when given this new use will stand out greatly.

Christmas decoration with kitchen items 4

Any kitchen item can be used with another purpose. The originals salt shakers used as picture frames are a great idea. Jugs and other containers used as vases. All this will help us to form an original Christmas decoration that will surely cause great impact among your guests.


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