Kitchen and dining room, two spaces in one

The following scenario is an example of how combine two useful spaces in one with just a separation. It is a lovely kitchen distributed next to a broad dinning room full of light. Both places are communicated by a glass that transmits much harmony to the set.

Kitchen-dining room 1

The kitchen is an elongated space, furnished with a look Classic and diaphanous that mixes black and white in a very beautiful and elegant way on their surfaces. This kitchen stands out especially for having been equipped with numerous compartments and drawers, distributed to the lake and wide of all its furniture.

Kitchen-dining room 2

Kitchen-dining room 3

In the part of the dining room we can see a long gray striped sofa with beige chairs that look like one, as well as others, very comfortable. A space designed with a somewhat retro nuance that gives this place a lot of charm. The lighting is completed by an elegant large lamp that illuminates all the nooks and crannies of the table. It is a space designed, as we see, to house long after-hours in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Kitchen-dining room 5

The truth is that both environments are perfectly delimited, but at the same time they nourish each other, complement each other. Overall, it is a very successful proposal that allows us to study how several spaces can be merged, taking advantage of the useful meters of our home to create elegant areas full of light and comfort, and that are also a convenient storage place for all our utensils .

Kitchen-dining room 4


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