Keys to a Christmas home

Christmas, Christmas, Sweet Christmas ... As I said that famous carol that is repeated every year for these beautiful dates. Meals with the family, dinners with friends, no doubt these dates are when our house receives more visits and our home is filled with more friends than at any other time of the year (unless it is summer and you have your own pool) then the house is always filled!

Keys to a Christmas home

Therefore, it is in winter when we want to show off and be proud of our home, we will have to work in the decor and set it up for these dates. The colors that always have to be present are red, green, and gold. You can also use silver more and more, to give it a more modern touch!
Tree Decoration
The Tree is and must be the total protagonist. Placing it strategically in the living room of the house. And if we have a garden, we can put one there too or buy a strip of lights and put them around the biggest common tree we have (even if it's a palm tree, anything goes!)

Keys to a Christmas home 1

A lighting not very direct and that of a warm atmosphere. We can also use candles.

Keys to a Christmas home 2

Everything will happen at the tables. The wait, the food and the talk. Caring for the details of the table will be essential, a good choice of textiles, such as a nice tablecloth, or individual tablecloths will do the rest. Do not forget to place some candle or Christmas decoration as a centerpiece (not too big).

Keys to a Christmas home 3

That will give you the final touch

Keys to a Christmas home 4

Happy Holidays!
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