Japanese panels: the latest trend in curtains

The latest trend in curtains y blinds comes from the country of the Rising Sun and are the so-called Japanese panels . It is a series of independent panels of rigid structure, interwoven with each other as a fan, and usually smooth or printed with all kinds of drawings and symbols, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Japanese panels 1

The number of panels it consists of can vary from two to six, depending on the model. They are made of aluminum and covered with fabric similar to that of the curtains, although there are also other fabrics like canvas. They filter natural light and the neutral white color of their design makes the rooms happy thanks to the great luminosity they project.

Japanese panels 2

Japanese panels 4

Here you can see what they look like:

Japanese panels 3

This structure allows the panels to be moved in the direction we want, with an opening to the left or to the right, thus allowing the light to enter without problem and without the need to fold the whole mechanism. They can also have central opening. Depending on the measures, their prices can be really affordable.

Japanese panels 5

Japanese panels 6

Japanese panels 7

Besides being a good alternative to traditional curtains, they also allow us to separate environments in a very modern and elegant way, or they can even serve as doors. Whatever the decoration of your home, Japanese panels have the particularity that they adapt beautifully to all types of environments, because they are simple and versatile. For that reason they can be a good option to put in offices and not only in houses. Its installation is not complicated and you can do it in a few minutes. You will surprise with the results.

Japanese panels 8

Japanese panels 9

Japanese panels 10

Japanese panels 11

Japanese panels 12

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