Japanese minimalism converted into housing

The Japanese architectural study Nendo is the architect of this modern house located in Tokyo where the oriental minimalism It is taken to its maximum expression. Oki Sato is the man behind this project, a functional housing where the traditional of this culture is framed within a novel concept of spaces.

Japanese minimalism 1

Is called "Drawer House" ("The house-drawer") and its creators have wanted it to be a very functional space at the same time maximized its interior with unfurnished rooms . Inside the house we find a beautiful wooden decoration, a dim lighting based more on natural light, sliding doors and storage spaces that remain hidden during the day.

Japanese minimalism 2

It is a house of two heights with an incredible style, but, yes, not to the taste of everyone, since it hardly seems furnished. The space is empty to give that feeling of extreme minimalism how well it fits in the oriental culture, not so much in ours. Not in vain, in his country he received the award for Best Design of the year in 2004.

Japanese minimalism 4

On the second floor we find the bedroom, following the most Zen style patterns. It is a bunk that can be removed from its location by means of built-in wheels, as more or less space is needed.

A beautiful glass window shows a small outdoor patio full of light. One more example of the Japanese subtlety and the style of incorporeal dwellings that abound on this side of the world.

Japanese minimalism 5

Japanese minimalism 6

Photos: smashome.com

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