Japanese-inspired kitchens

Japanese minimalism is a very interesting decorative current that connects with the Nordic style or rather arises as an interpretation and adaptation of this to the Japanese style. We will see here a few Japanese-inspired cuisines that will not leave us indifferent. This style either you love it or it leaves you absolutely cold. And if we know the work of the Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka We will see that these kitchens owe a lot to the work of Schemata Architects .

Japanese-inspired kitchens

Here we see clearly the confluence of Nordic style and Japanese minimalism both in the use of wood and in the metals of industrial reminiscence.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 1

Wood is the fundamental element of this style as we will see in all the creations that we show. Here we see it combined with iron and steel and on a cement floor that is another of the usual materials.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 2

White also has an important role as we see here combined with cement and glass.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 3

If we add some green, like this small interior garden we give Zen inspiration to the previously treated materials.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 4

Cement or concrete are another material on which the Japanese minimalist style is based.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 5

Design of clear and simple lines, wood and white are the characteristics of this cozy kitchen.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 6

In this case if we see the reminiscences of Jo Nagasaka in this kitchen with its profuse use of wood although it is the work of Movedesign.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 7

This kitchen has an open design and once again a small interior garden in which the main role is played by a cherry tree in bloom.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 8

In this kitchen they have opted for the absolute predominance of white to create a bright and spacious environment.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 9

In Japanese minimalism, brown and beige are also used as a way to create warmer environments.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 10

The lamps are usually very simple design as well as accessories and accessories to not distract attention from the fundamental.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 11

In Japanese homes, so small, it is important that the kitchen occupies the smallest possible space without sacrificing functionality.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 12

Japanese minimalism also makes great use of open shelves for storage and organization.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 13

Wood, light and different volumes are the fundamental basis of the Japanese minimalist style as we see in this house where the kitchen occupies a very small space.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 14

This kitchen in Japanese minimalist style is adapted for use by people with reduced mobility, so it does not have cabinets or inferior or hung on the wall.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 15

Fantastic game of colors that we can admire in this kitchen of open concept.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 16

Another kitchen that shows us how to take advantage of the space in a hundred percent practical and functional way.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 17

Here even a passage area is used. It should be noted that the Japanese minimalist style makes use of the very particular space to adapt to reduced architectural structures and very particular forms.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 18

Here the theme of the open shelves has been taken to the extreme and shows us a kitchen practically in the air.

Japanese-inspired kitchens 19

Fantastic kitchen decorated with teak wood both on the ceiling and on the floor. Shocking

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