Islands in open kitchens

The kitchens of open concept are a modern and current trend in which the islands take great importance. Although this element existed previously in open kitchens, it becomes essential because they mark or delimit the areas in a kitchen of important dimensions and without separators. The islands adopt in this type of kitchen, in addition to its known practical function, a new function in the spatial design of the kitchen itself.

Open kitchen islands 1

In these beautiful clear spaces it is essential to have a large island that delimits us in a certain way the areas of work, cooking and consumption. The kitchen of the upper image is a clear example of what I'm trying to explain, without that central island that occupies the space dedicated to cooking and preparation would be a huge vacuum.

Open kitchen islands 2

In the example of the photo above the island ends up becoming a real and magnificent dining room. It is created with synthetic stone of great resistance and is supported on a sheet of glass with what produces an extraordinary sensation, it seems that it levitated on the ground.

Open kitchen islands 3

There are countless designs for islands that we can adapt to our kitchens. This adorable cubic design that we can appreciate in the superior photography stands out for its straight lines in white, immersed in an environment that combines white with wood, a modern and eclectic design. As we see, the islands not only act as extensions of the traditional countertop, but in these modern open-plan kitchens they play a fundamental role as structuring space.


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