Interiors with metallic appearance

The futuristic style and more modernist makes its way through designs as suggestive as these Interiors with metallic appearance . The furniture is covered with a silver bath to offer its most avant-garde and contemporary face, although it must be said that there is also a lot of homemade DIY to achieve these surprising effects.

Interiors with metallic details01

An old dresser can be bathed with this effect in silver to give it another value, making it appear as an almost art piece. The chairs more aged by the passage of time can also be the object of this new trend that seeks to build more experimental domestic scenarios. If you dare and you want to add some element of this type to your own home, we give you some ideas so you do not get lost.

Interiors with metallic details02

The use of metal furniture, whose surface gives us reflections of other objects, is an interesting option to start with. Look for also metallic accessories and accessories such as curtains or cushions with silver shine. The walls can also be painted in these tones, creating interiors where romanticism and avant-garde blend seamlessly.

Interiors with metallic details5

Interiors with metallic details04

Detail of this bedside table covered with a metallic material. With this appearance it is almost impossible to remember what it was like before.

Interiors with metallic details05

When combining colors, black, white, violet, palette creams and beiges are the most appropriate, but virtually any color is willing to be seduced by silver gray, leading to innovative proposals in bedrooms, living room, kitchen or hall. We show you an example of the result of a metallic surface on green watermelon wall background: absolute beauty.

Interiors with metallic details06


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