Interiors of housing with much 'glamor'

A housing with glamor It draws attention for its special and spectacular design, which is recreated in the most inspiring details, because these are the ones that create that magical and special aura with which it envelops us.

Decoration with glamor 1

But what do we mean when we talk about glamor ? This word is associated per se with fashion or cinema, and we talk about something or someone is glamorous when it is colorful, striking, it enhances its beauty and its qualities and has a halo of innate elegance. The same happens with interior design: a space becomes glamorous when elegance catches us in a special way, almost vain. The glamor means, many times, 'admire me', and we admire.

Decoration with glamor 2

Decoration with glamor 3

Decoration with glamor 4

As we admire these rooms, typical of the houses of movie stars or music, full of personalized details and also, why not, superficial. Glassware, glitter and gold elements, transparencies, lace ... In the glamor There is also a lot of romanticism and idealism, with the intention of creating a fantasy universe far from the ordinary.

Decoration with glamor 6

Colorful colors, extravagant prints, art figures, diamonds ... a taste for sophisticated luxury and everything that, in short, makes us feel good when we look at it, because it's beautiful. They are spaces with a certain visual reload, with somewhat baroque decorations, other times more modern, but always inspired.

The bathroom can also be a place with a lot glamor thanks to the golden mosaics ...

Decoration with glamor 7

... or thanks to the elegance of gray and rhinestones.

Decoration with glamor 08


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