Interiors in white and with a color note

Is it time to renew your decoration? The color white is a basic of our times, a color that adapts to all types of environments and spaces, always illuminating them. It is an imperishable classic and a guarantee that the interior of the house will look nice and cozy. But sometimes the absence of color can also make us tired or look cold ... So we have selected these basic blank interiors in which it highlights how a pinch of color enhances the decoration. The result is much more warmth and more personality.

Interiors in white with color details-01

And, in addition, all this with just a few strokes, that is, forgetting about the brush, changing the sofa or furnishing the entire kitchen. It will not be necessary, only a couple of decorative details in strategic places.

Interiors in white with color details-02

In the living room, the colored cushions and lamp shades will enhance the final ambience, and the warmer the color, the greater the effect. Red and orange is a very suitable option to combine with white. A small piece of furniture in black can also offer an effective contrast and resultón.

The detail of the carpet in yellow mustard is revealing: a single object is capable of transforming a whole space, providing more light and dynamism. The plant also contributes its grain of sand, adding vitality and beauty.

Interiors in white with color details-03

Add cream tones to the decoration is another very interesting and effective option, because this range combines very well with white. So that the interior is not so dull, details of another color are added. In this case, the orange is excellent.

Interiors in white with color details-04

This modernist bathroom would not be the same without the added touch of violet. Although in this case the walls have been painted and, therefore, we are no longer talking only about small details, the truth is that the result is extraordinary. The interior has gained in life, in dynamism and in modernity. The contribution of black is the icing for this cake.

Interiors in white with color details-05

White and orange, a combination that never fails. An ultramodernist interior where both ranges of colors recreate a very dynamic and different space.

Blank interiors with color details-06

Muticolor: the base white wins thanks to the multiple strokes of color spread throughout the room. The result is an interior with style, away from the initial coldness. A minimalist space in which the small contributions of the chromatic palette add character.

Interiors in white with color details-07


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