Interiors decorated with fruit boxes

The special thing about some decorations is when you can give life to an environment through a new and different use of certain objects. Sometimes we just have to take a look at those objects that we deal with every day and incorporate them as support decoration. This is how interiors are created as interesting and attractive as these that we bring today. Who would think that a fruit box I could give so much of himself ...

Drawers for decorating interiors 1

If you have a few on hand you can start using them as shelves . The age of the wood of these boxes has a special charm, besides that, due to its size, they will also allow us to house a lot of objects.

Drawers for interior decoration 2

Drawers for interior decoration 3

See what incredible ideas can be made with these typical supermarket boxes: superimposed, they can become that piece of furniture that we always intend to use in the living room or in a hall. The old wood creates a effect unique old element, vintage , essential for interiors with a very homely and rustic .

Drawers for interior decoration 4

It is easy to treat this wood for its new use, it is enough to sand it a little if we see that its state is not quite appropriate. A coat of varnish or paint can also do well. But if you choose to leave it with all the authenticity of its appearance, surely you will also get spaces full of naturalness and freshness .

Drawers for interior decoration 6

You see how little you can renew the decoration and introduce elements that we had never thought of a priori. Now you just have to mount the shelves to your liking, vertically or even horizontally, as small boxes.

Drawers for interior decoration 7


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