Interior lighting with modern floor lamps

The standing lamps They are still one of the best options to illuminate the interior of our house. This type of lamps allow us to change places and even position, so that they easily adapt to any existing need with respect to the lighting of the home.

Contemporary floor lamps1

This selection we present is one of the most varied in terms of lamps, for its modernity, avant-garde and functionality. If you are looking for new ideas for sources of illumination , surely find some useful among the following proposals. They illuminate while being highly decorative.

Contemporary floor lamps2

Most have a lacquered finish and a cylindrical base on which the entire set rests. They may have a screen or lack it; no doubt this last one is much more avant-garde. They are pieces of very modern inspiration, even minimalist, that flee from the effects and look for the lighting and decorative ambience in a really simple way. You can place them in any corner of the room or room and get an optimal effect, as if it were a small sculpture.

Contemporary floor lamps3

Contemporary floor lamps4

In another record, we find standing lamps , that rest on their legs. This type of lamps have all the charm of tradition, but they continue to be modernist in nature, ideal for those looking for new decorative trends.

Contemporary floor lamps5

Finally, this proposal is really daring. It is a standing lamp from which in turn several lamps are born. An effect of multiplicity that enhances the lighting of the room and fills it with modernity and style.

Contemporary floor lamps6

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