Interior doors from Hello Kitty

Cats are animals that both big and small love alike. They are soft, affectionate and pleasant. And if it's about kittens, the famous character of Hello Kitty it is worshiped around the world by millions of children ... and also great even when some do not want to admit it.

Interior doors from Hello Kitty1

We have already told you about the castle or house of Hello Kitty , in which many have left their comments about it. But today we want to present these designs of interior doors designed for adult homes, more than boys!
The Italian firm NuscoPorte He thought that new designs, furniture, accessories, etc. needed to be introduced in the market. with this incredible character, that they were not the ones already known and that we can currently buy. It occurred to them to design interior doors with Hello Kitty as the protagonist. Ideal for the house of the staunchest fanatics!

Interior doors from Hello Kitty2

The collection is called Hello Kitty! and they have different proposals. Some simpler and others more striking, as you can see in the first picture.

Interior doors from Hello Kitty3

They are glamorous and stylish designs. It is a luxury collection that uses Swarovski crystals. But what can be used for a small room, in the door from a room or in your own room no matter how old you are.

Source: nuscoporte ; homedit

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