Interior design in offices

Since we are going to spend so many hours working on them, it would not hurt for our workspace to be more fun. After all, if your office is not boring it certainly helps workers to release stress which leads to greater productivity.
This cheerful interior design formed by interconnected triangular and rhomboidal nodes, it can be seen on the floor and in various design furniture.

Interior design in offices

Here we can see the beautiful lighting game, distributed unevenly, and the game of colors, rhombuses and triangles, which together give it a modern and friendly appearance, which will fill the workers and the businessman with good humor.

Interior design in offices 1

The play of colors can be subtle, so that almost the entire office is presented in white and gray and some details of colors.

Interior design in offices 2

In this office, even the blackboard is fun. As this example is a computer office, it has been decorated with cables, plugs, USB ports ... but you can choose whatever is the most representative element of the company.

Interior design in offices 3

And in this photo it is better to see how the rhombuses and geometric shapes come into play, with the rest of the furniture.

Source: decode

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