Interior decoration with stripes

Stripes are a traditional element in decoration and a magnificent way to introduce color and contrast in any environment. They serve to decorate in any style since we can introduce striped accessories in modern and minimalist environments as in classic styles.

Interior decoration with stripes 1

In a traditional and elegant style the striped fabric of these curtains allow to create a good coordination between the predominant colors of this living room. We will try to combine stripes in the same color but in different tones so that the visual impact is softer and the effect more harmonious. They will be much better than if the stripes combine color and white since then the effect will be harder.

Interior decoration with stripes 2

On the other hand, for a minimalist style decoration in a room painted in white, we can use white stripes and a cold color in a low tone to achieve a relaxing and elegant effect at the same time. Colors like mint green, lavender, blue, gray, all in low contrast shades will stand out when combined with white.

Interior decoration with stripes 3

In this contemporary style room the striped walls have been painted using a neutral gray as a contrast to white. The secret of the use of stripes is based on the combination of low contrast colors so that the visual impact is perceptible but not exaggerated.

Interior decoration with stripes 4

On the other hand, for the decoration of a children's room we can risk a little more and opt for combinations of stripes in different thickness and more vivid colors. Always looking for coordination with the color palette of the stay.


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