Interior decoration with ombré effect

The Degraded effect or also called ombré It consists in a way of applying the paint in different shades until it diffuses, that is, by graduating the color tones in a given object or space, going from a darker tone to a lighter one, or vice versa. This can be done linearly or with a more global effect.

Ombré effect 1

Here we show some interior proposals where he has decorated following this idea. Interiors where color and light are enhanced thanks to this decorative work. The result is more beautiful and expressive environments.

Ombré effect 2

The idea is that we can use the ombré anywhere in the house as an attractive idea, both on the wall and in furniture, objects and other accessories, such as dyeing curtains. For large surfaces, we can use a roller or a sponge to gradually apply the paint and get this beautiful appearance.

Ombré effect 3

Even places that as a rule do not usually decorate (for example, the interior of the steps) can be reinforced with this particularity. A great idea that you can put into practice at home to substantially improve some of the corners of your home.

Ombré effect 4

Whether we choose to paint by stripes or blur the paint smoothly, the first thing to do is use the lightest shade of the chosen color and go, little by little, darkening with much darker tones. The truth is that you do not need to be a professional or an artist to get down to work, since it is a relatively simple task with which you can light up your home and make the rooms have more light.

Ombré effect 6

You can do the same with different accessories that are part of the rooms: cushions, tablecloths or degraded carpets, degraded bedding, towels, a bedside table ... You will see that there are many fun ways to renovate the decor with different proposals.

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