Interior decoration with Gothic inspiration

The origins of Gothic style They date back to the 12th century, in the middle of the Middle Ages, during the construction period of the great Gothic cathedrals. But it was not until the mid-nineteenth century that he reemerged strongly, this time as a current of interior decoration that took characteristics of the Victorian stage and applied them to modernism or Art nouveau .

Gothic decoration 1

Currently, we call Gothic to a style that combines modern elements with more baroque or rustic ones where the color black predominates, but also other strong ranges such as burgundy red, violet or blue, combined with touches of white, golden tones and emerald green. Gothic is a deeply romantic style, full of personality, that today we invite you to know.

Gothic decoration 2

Gothic decoration 3

At gothic design the spaces are recreated in a very particular way. We can see how there is a particular taste for filling the rooms with a myriad of details and voluptuous lines: carpets and tapestries, decorative flowers, heavy curtains, mirrors, chandeliers, lush lamps, art objects ... That is why the Gothic is usually sin of being excessively baroque and dramatic, so it is better to take small details of this style and apply it to our own, personalizing it to the fullest. We will obtain a better result, sophisticated and elegant but without looking overloaded.

Gothic decoration 4

Gothic decoration 5

In terms of lighting, this is an important point in the Gothic style. Candlesticks scattered throughout the rooms are often used to create a murky effect that helps us get into their peculiar but appealing atmosphere. A good option for this, if we want to do without the chandeliers, is to put dark screens on the lamps to dim the light. If we have a fireplace, this is another alternative that will fit perfectly with what we are looking for.

Gothic decoration 6

From the Gothic style you can take very different elements to apply them to our decor , enriching it in a very special way, especially original, that will get us to move to another era.

Gothic decoration 7


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