Interior decoration with aquariums

The aquariums in the houses they can be very relaxing. Observe how the fish swim peacefully in the water, decorate the bottom of these ponds and integrate them with the rest of the decor It is really entertaining. The aquariums they transmit peace, harmony and, according to the dictates of feng shui, contribute to balance the internal energies of the home. A number of fish that is a multiple of three, also according to this Eastern philosophy, attracts good luck.

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These tanks filled with small colorful fish embellish the interior of homes and their care is also very simple. They will need to change their water every month (in summer every two weeks) and feed their tenants once a day. You can put them almost anywhere in the house, although placing them in the living room seems to be the most appropriate place, and delight you with the impressive effect they produce, especially with the reflection of the illumination in the corals inside the water.

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Continuing with the feng shui , there are many ways to place an aquarium at home, depending on what we want to achieve. If we seek to obtain more professional development, we must place a fishbowl with a rounded shape in the north. If we wish to attract good health, then the aquarium should be oriented to the west of the house. Next to the main door, on the left side, the aquariums promote the entry of energy; if they are located towards the southeast, they seek to obtain material wealth. Also, the colors of the fish that swim inside the aquarium show different internal searches: golden fish increase good luck, while black fish provide protection.

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