Interior decoration economical but effective

If you feel that your house has a boring and uninteresting aspect it is time to make some changes to update it. For this it is not necessary to spend a lot of money since you can transform the house with materials that you already have or create decorative objects with your own hands. All you need is imagination and have some free time. For this we have selected these small tips so you can have an interior decoration that is economical but effective.


A wall painted in black and decorated with frames painted in white will bring an elegant touch to your home for very little.


The kitchen can be easily renovated with a magnetic blackboard. The kids can draw, the older ones write their notes and messages and the magnets will have a perfect background to show off all their colors.


Renewing our dining room can be as easy and economical as installing horizontal mirrors on any of the walls. They will create depth and breadth in addition to an interesting point of visual attraction.


Decorating with candles is always a good idea as it gives charm and warmth to any room. Unleash your imagination and put some candles in a glass container. Then you can add whatever you want: seasonal decorations, festive decorations, themed decorations ... the possibilities are endless.


An improvised side table made with stacked books is an original and different idea that we can carry out in a very short time. And the raw material sure we have it right at hand.


A fabric with a striking and beautiful pattern can be hung directly on any wall to completely transform the air of a room.


Pillows, blankets, plaids and any other textile are weapons that should never be missing when we want to renovate the decoration of any room in the house.


The headboards of the beds are very easy to make with materials and techniques available to everyone. On this occasion we can appreciate this magnificent headboard made with reclaimed wood and a lamp made with a large branch and some lanterns, a couple of excellent ideas that give that natural touch that the bedroom needs.

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