Interior colors of industrial architecture

The architecture of industrial style continues conquering with its wide spaces and its unmistakable style. Lofts, spaces for work and coworking , shops ... there are many who change the classic housing of walls of plasterboard with those of seen bricks, columns or steel beams and, in general, industrial designs a little extravagant.

Industrial style interiors 1

To escape from that apparent coldness that industrial spaces have, and also flee from fear of emptiness (unless we bet without hesitation for a minimalist aspect), a good idea is introduce bright colors in these spaces.

Industrial style interiors 2

The proposal is based on using complements in full color, accessories that release a unique energy, with electric colors where there are plenty of roses, cyan blues, greens, oranges, reds and yellows. But there can be many more.

From a poster on the wall, a toy on the carpet, a book with yellow cover on a glass table ... the variables are endless to provide colorful brushstrokes and make these places warmer nests, more pleasant to live in them, with a light touch pop.

Industrial style interiors 3

Nor can we forget a classic option for all tastes, that of painting the walls of each space with a different color range. An energetic color that dominates the space and attracts the glances, radiating light.

Industrial style interiors 4

It is what we see in these proposals, a loft of industrial style camouflaged with electrifying tones, mosaics on the wall, full color prints, and a thousand other details that give the definitive contribution to the magic and charm of the interiors decorated with care.

Industrial style interiors 5


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