Integrated warehouses in the dining room

Have a cellar At home, it does not have to be synonymous with luxury or large homes. Today it is easy to allocate some small corner for our personal selection of wine bottles without breaking the harmony in the decorative space. These are some proposals (some more affordable to the pocket than others, it is true) to start taking ideas and have your own cellar in the living room or dining room.


One of the most practical ideas is to get us a furniture-cellar that allows us to have the bottles always within reach. We refer to both individual pieces and special shelves for bottles, and even mini-bar furniture. The three are the most practical and habitual ideas for wine lovers.



Another aspect to take into account is the orientation of these spaces. The most common is to use the wall background or angles of it to the placement of our particular cellar at home, although there are those who prefer to have more in view the selection of wines and resort to the classic but always elegant showcases.



The use of mini-bar furniture , on the other hand, results from a unique functionality, since, in addition to presenting the bottles on display, they include a beverage storage system, as shown in the image. In this case, this place is located in the lower part of the furniture. The important thing is that the space is integrated with the other elements of the room, without breaking the harmony, so that the sides of the room are usually the preferred places to place this furniture, regardless of its size.


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