Integrated refrigerators

Getting your refrigerator, refrigerator, refrigerator or refrigerator (live the wealth of Spanish) look like integrated into your kitchen is a task that can have different levels of complexity depending on what we want to obtain. If we want it to be flush with the wall and not protrude from it, it will be one thing and if we want it flush with the countertops and kitchen cabinets it will be another very different one.

Refrigerators integrated to deco 1

Here we see a refrigerator built into the wall. It is clear that it leaves a lot of free space in the kitchen but we need a free stay behind to house the appliance. In addition of course to have to do a considerable work, break part of the partition and reduce space to the next room.

Refrigerators integrated to deco 2

But you can get similar result, visual at least, flushing the appliance with the other elements of the kitchen. We will choose for this purpose devices specially designed for this use and that have the standard dimensions of the countertops and kitchen cabinets.

Refrigerators integrated to deco 3

There are some other options that come to be basically the same but with different approaches. One is to build cabinets around the refrigerator, even above to reach the ceiling. The advantage is that you get a lot of extra storage space but in return we have a significant visual impact. Also, if the kitchen is not very large, that impact can be overwhelming.

Refrigerators integrated to deco 4

The other solution we are talking about is building a false wall. Rather, it would be to take advantage of a hole in the wall and fill it with the fridge and furniture made to measure. It is a wonderful solution but we have to have that space or do it with which we are already getting into a berenjenal.


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