Inspiring rooms with wood

The wood used in these five proposals is elegant and with a slight rustic nuance, getting a delicate and tremendously natural decoration. The wood stars and envelops the space of each of the bedrooms, either through their accessories , from his furniture or of one's own interior construction . A material that becomes a source of inspiration in these sets, filling them with harmony and clarity.

Rooms decorated with wood 1

The five bedrooms stand out for the very nature of the chosen wood and for the simplicity of the interiors. Stresses especially this bedroom proposal with zen aspect, surrounded by soft wood and accessories in white that convey the idea of ​​rest and tranquility beyond the bed. A room with a very special charm.

Rooms decorated with wood 2

In this other proposal, inspiration is sought above all through the different accessories made of wood. From the boards of the solid headboard to the rustic trunks that make the bedside table or the bed structure itself, this material is revealed as the best ally to configure spaces.

Rooms decorated with wood 3

With its natural and ecological touch, wood is the perfect complement to cover spaces, whether floors or walls like this one:

Rooms decorated with wood 4

The exquisite elegance of this material is great for decorating interiors with romantic or rustic nuances. Wood brings beauty to the rooms, illuminating every corner with its texture and classic appearance. Five proposals that teach us that this material is still one of the preferred when designing the different environments of the interior of the house.

Rooms decorated with wood 5


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