Inspiring ideas to decorate walls

The wall is one of the spaces of the home that most lend themselves to be decorated according to imagination and personal creativity. Each home is a world and therefore there are unlimited decorative possibilities for these spaces of each stay. They are like blank canvases (or other colors), waiting to be filled with our incredible ideas. There are proposals for all tastes and for all trends ...

Wall decoration 1

The wooden planks with inscriptions and phrases They are usually quite common in many homes. They are an example of how to entertain the spaces with simplicity and with an artisan nuance. There are other more classic possibilities for decorating walls, such as photographic prints , the posters , the picture , the artistic works ... following and complementing very varied styles.

Decoration walls 2

Decoration walls 3

The collages photographic they are another of those showy options, especially when these are more artistic or emotional, forming family memories.

Decoration walls 4

The Mirrors They are a great option for the walls. They illuminate and reflect light, and give that special nuance to environments when they are vintage look.

Wall decoration 5

Decoration walls 6

From the DIY more domestic we also have personal and imaginative proposals.

Wall decoration 7

Wall decoration 8

More options: framed vintage photographs, magazine clippings and magazines stuck on the wall ...

Wall decoration 9

Wall decoration 10

Flora and fauna drawings , creating special environments and highlighting the love of nature:

Wall decoration 11

The usual photos of friends and travel on the walls of the juvenile bedrooms are a sample of how to personalize the walls with our most anthological photos, in gallery or Instagram format:

Wall decoration 12

And even this romantic touch based on small butterflies; as we see, the proposals are created from the imagination and personal stylistic taste.

Wall decoration 13

The small shelves with figures and animalistic porcelain sculptures are another option for more homey and classic environments, offering a more delicate nuance.

Wall decoration 14


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