Inspiring ideas to create style in the room

The diversity of decorative styles makes it easy for us to combine with each other to our liking. This tendency is what is known as eclecticism. This possibility will allow us to integrate different elements of one style or another in the same space, resulting in a place full of those details that make an environment become attractive at first sight. Taking a bedroom as a stage, we will see how to create style in this corner of the house.

Style in the bedroom 1

The best way to start is to observe the characteristics of the room itself. Do you have a lot natural light ? Is a space big? What height they have the ceilings ? What kind of furniture do we want to use? And in what colors ? Specifying a bit more in these aspects, we can start to work the space, with the clearest ideas to go on safe. Example of a functional bedroom that has been modernized taking advantage of a classic furniture in dark wood:

Style in the bedroom 2

This romantic proposal with details in lavender, gold and silver combines some elements more trendy with others more vaporous:

Style in the bedroom 3

Natural style, colorful and with echoes of more 'glamorous' trends for a really fascinating youth room:

Style in bedroom 4

Finally, a bedroom proposal with minimal expression, very flattering over a large space. The detail on the headboard gives the whole a lot of inspiration:

Style in the bedroom 5


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