Inspiring centerpieces decorated with moss

Decorate centerpieces with moss It is a trend that is growing as the foam in the world of weddings. There are many couples who choose this type of decoration to liven up one of the most important days of their lives. Do you want to know more about this special plant? We bring you some excellent proposals both to entertain parties and to decorate terraces, gardens and even interior spaces with Christmas decoration.


Since ancient times this plant has been used as a decorative element. The moss comes from humid and fresh environments and abounds in multiple places, especially on the wet surface of the rocks. Now, we can transplant it in small containers to get beautiful decorative centers like the ones we show you. This plant, thanks to its characteristics, especially its freshness, its spongy appearance and its green color, will embellish any decorative creation, however imaginative or simple it may be.



One possibility that will delight the guests is to decorate trays with moss and add other details to the creation, as if they were miniature gardens. Butterflies, gnomes, stones, flowers and candles are some options to beautify these precious proposals.

This idea of ​​a moss garden decorated with white butterflies has seemed simply wonderful and great. We encourage you to use it for these days of Christmas celebrations:




By the way, those who do not want to use natural moss (although if you take good care of it, it will not be damaged), they can buy artificial moss in decoration and home stores. You will not even notice the difference.


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