Inspired ideas in hotel rooms

Hotels often have interesting design elements that can be easily used for decorating your home. Ambient lighting, clean lines and extravagant works of art come to mind when you think of hotel rooms. But let's see what more ideas of decorating hotel rooms can be seen well in a house.

Bedrooms inspired by hotels 1

Change the headboard of the bed for an interesting wall. The effect is achieved by coating with textured panels or finishing the wall with a different finish that makes it stand out. Here the wall is finished with perforated metallic material that reflects the small round windows of the room.

Bedrooms inspired by hotels 2

A floating bed is a decorative contribution so important that it inspires the decoration of the rest of the room, giving an air of fantasy to the design although in fact it is high technology. This futuristic white bed illuminated underneath makes this bedroom look like a spaceship.

Bedrooms inspired by hotels 3

The unfinished appearance of the walls can be achieved on purpose with a special painting technique. A wall with deteriorated effect can add vintage charm to the room, especially if we complete the design with elegant modern furniture. A modern room with an unfinished or deteriorated touch can seem very intriguing.

Bedrooms inspired by hotels 4

The windows with unusual shapes are large focaless spots that give the room a futuristic or simply interesting look. The precise elements are added to be able to sit or lie down in it and we have a great reading corner. This oval window is perfect to lie down in a relaxed way to read or watch the racking of the street.


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