Inspirational ideas of French rustic style

With these inspiring ideas of French rustic style o Provencal style we want to show the essentials of this romantic and elegant style. The Provencal style is inspired by French rural houses, both in Provence and in many other regions of the country. As all rustic styles can have different degrees, it can be more rustic, worth the redundancy, or more sophisticated.


Whether we are inspired by a small country house or a palace, there are common elements. The brick floor is a detail that can look good in any country house, whatever its size and decoration.


The wrought iron furniture or any other decorative object made with this material will immediately remind us of the spirit of the Provencal style.


In the kitchen, cupboards and wooden cabinets painted in pastel blue are a classic. Although this year's blue 'Serenity' is full fashion, the cupboards and open shelves are part of the style.


Outside we expect to see a Mediterranean garden in which lavender, the emblematic flower of Provence, can not miss.


The pillows with the covers embroidered with the initial and made of cotton or linen canvas decorates this lovely corner. And it complements perfectly with the upholstery of the armchair and the country curtains.


In this kitchen we can notice several key components of the Provencal style. We have the draped curtain of the window, the wooden furniture in pastel tone with the integrated bell and the wooden ceilings. Without forgetting the ceramic floor and the beautiful lamp.


Spider lamps are a classic component of the Provencal style and you can get magnificent contrast effects like the one we see in the image above. The elegant and sophisticated glass chandelier stands out on the coarse wood of the dining table.


Fresh flowers look good in any decorative style but when we choose a rustic and natural style they are totally indispensable.


The wallpaper with floral prints is a good choice to decorate the walls of a Provencal style house. That vintage air is very good in this style.


In the French rustic style the game of textures is important. Woods with moldings and worn paints as well as a successful use of textiles will help us in this respect.


The lavender color takes us directly to those immense and colorful lavender fields that we can find in Provence. An interesting color that will be perfect to give a touch of attention as in this beautiful armchair.


Like wood, in the Provencal style, the use of any raw material of natural origin stands out. It is the case of the stone that can be used both to cover walls and floors.


The old or recovered wood will mark a clear reference to the natural and the vintage. We can use it in the floors as well as in the main and auxiliary furniture.


Any object or decorative element of rustic reminiscence will always look good in this style. Wicker baskets, ceramic bowls and others.


Dorados can not miss in a Provencal style house that has seigniorial pretensions. In which what predominates is an air of elegance and sophistication.

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