Inspiration for outdoor decoration

For those who live in areas where spring has already blossomed and are preparing for summer; and also for those who wait for the heat to return, today we propose you to enjoy these proposals for outdoor decoration . Some of spaces such as galleries and terraces and other very original options full of ideas to prepare a meal in the air and decorate them fully.

Inspiration for Exterior Decoration

Remember that color, various fabrics and textures, cushions, armchairs, umbrellas are essential accessories when decorating outdoors. And when it comes to special tables prepared outdoors, take nature as an ally is the best option.

Inspiration for outdoor decoration

An original way to decorate a meal to the free alire, special for lovers of reading. Old books hung from the trees and discarded impressions, as a tablecloth for the decoration of the table in which the natural flowers provide the element of color.

Inspiration for outdoor decoration 1

A terrace with a Mexican style decoration. Very cheerful, colorful and fresh.

Inspiration for outdoor decoration 2

A beautiful terrace in white, fuchsia, pink, and pastel colors.

Inspiration for outdoor decoration 3

Lamps hung on the tree where they can put candles and illuminate the table in a sunset.
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