Inspiration for nordic style dining

Do you have your house decorated in Nordic style ? Do you plan to renovate your dining room or give it a new impulse? We are going to take a walk among a good number of dining rooms decorated in this style so that you can find inspiration for Nordic-style dining rooms that you can transfer to yours.

Nordic style dining 1

An incomparable architectural setting with neoclassical moldings for a Nordic style casual and informal where the different tables and the geometric shelf stand out.

Nordic style dining 2

This large dining room can feed many people with its wonderful chairs and stools. The bright white lighting and floors stand out in a great way.

Nordic style dining 3

Black and white is a good combination that adds an extra touch of elegance to any Nordic dining room.

Nordic style dining 4

Nordic style for a small dining room but using some iconic but genuinely American chairs like the Eames.

Nordic style dining 5

Small but cozy dining room with pastel chairs that contrast with the black carbon background and the wooden floor.

Nordic style dining 6

Chairs Eames and Tolix are combined in this cute and simple dining room in which the complements and the beautiful table stand out.

Nordic style dining 7

Fantastic dining room in a loft where the light and whiteness are really dazzling. The just touches of color help define the spaces.

Nordic dining rooms 8

Although a large space is not essential to have an impeccable nordic style dining room. As shown by the one we see above installed in the same kitchen.

Nordic style dining rooms 9

Black and yellow chairs to create a contrast effect that animates the overall environment of neutral colors.

Nordic Dining Rooms 10

To create a more feminine atmosphere nothing like introducing some pastel colors like these beautiful chairs.

Nordic style dining rooms 11

A wall in black becomes a perfect background on which the silhouettes of the chairs and the table that stand out are highlighted.

Nordic style dining rooms 12

The spectacular windows of this loft do not impose so much thanks to a choice of simple furniture and low impact.

Nordic style dining rooms 13

The lamps with metallic screen simulating the size of a diamond and the table with color tables give a special charm to this original dining room.

Nordic style dining 14

A round table is not the most usual for a dining room but it can work very well as a polyvalent surface for both eating and working.

Nordic style dining 15

Skylights, windows and high ceilings minimize the dining room that needs something that gives importance again, this function is exercised by the striking colored lamp.

Nordic style dining 16

Vertical garden of aromatic herbs and spice located on a slate wall are a nice decorative touch for this small dining room.

Nordic style dining rooms 17

Good and varied choice of iconic chairs in black for this elegant dining room. A true collection of iconic chairs among which you can see the Panton chair, the Masters, an Eames and the Bertoia among others.

Nordic style dining 18

Although a simple wooden bench can also do its job, both functional and aesthetic. Especially in a space as striking as this one.

Nordic style dining rooms 19

In this case, it is the table that becomes the star of the dining room with its special shape and its striking legs.

Nordic dining rooms 20

In the Scandinavian style, any industrial touch we introduce will always be good. It is a good way to create an eclectic and current environment at the same time.

Nordic dining rooms 21

An ideal architectural space for an explosion of color like the one produced by this set of colorful Eames chairs.


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