Inspiration for a spring party

Spring arrives and we have to celebrate that nature wakes up from its winter lethargy. The day lengthens, the temperatures are more pleasant and the need to relate to our friends and family is renewed in us. It is a good time to set up a small party, simple and without great fuss but elegant and fun. We propose a simple and fresh decoration to celebrate a festive meeting with your close and dear ones.

Spring party decoration 01

Riding a simple but modern bar does not require large investments. This beautiful piece of industrial air has been used as a support for the bar of this party. The key is to take advantage of what we have and improve it with some simple but elegant additions.

Spring party decoration 02

Of course, it is much more practical to arrange some bottles of drink than to make sticky and unhealthy punches. The jars in the shape of cans can perfectly combine with the industrial air from the sideboard. Some craft paper labels will be used to personalize the jar of each guest.

Spring party decoration 03

We will leave some markers or pens on the sideboard so that each guest can customize the label of their jar. Even at the risk that we have to give up those writing elements.

Spring party decoration 04

The provision of a buffet is the most practical way to prepare food for a casual party. We can prepare it with sufficient anticipation so that we, the hosts, can also live and enjoy the party.

Spring party decoration 08

For the decoration of the table and the surroundings of the room we can use the different elements that we have scattered around the house. Sure we have many objects that we usually have installed in other parts of the house but to decorate the room where we will base the party will give a different touch. The plants, like these small succulents grown in tea cups, will give a natural and spring touch to the decoration.

Spring party decoration 05

Spring party decoration 06

Spring party decoration 07

As you can see in the pictures above, you do not have to complicate your life a lot to have a buffet, sweet and salty, attractive and tasty. And completed with a series of simple but elegant decorative accessories.


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