Innovative decoration in brown tones

The British interior designer David Nightingale Hicks was known as "the James Bond of design" for his boldness and elegance, especially when in 1960 he painted the walls and ceilings of his "Coca-Cola color" apartment. This finding popularized among the celebrities of the time the use of Brown color in the interior decoration . The truth is that brown is, a priori, arouses reservations when it is to be used, as it may seem a serious color, dour and unflattering. Nothing could be further from the truth. The trick is to introduce small brushstrokes of dark tones and combine them carefully with other colors.

Decoration in brown tones1

The Brown It is a neutral color that, if not used properly, can saturate the environment that we are decorating and neutralize the rest of the colors. But, if we take into account that many of the furniture that we have at home are of this color, in different degrees of intensity, it can give us an idea of ​​how to make it work in our rooms.

Decoration in brown tones2

Decoration in brown tones3

Decoration in brown tones4

In the spectrum of colors, brown is known as a tertiary color because it is born from the mixture of three other primary colors, usually red, green and blue. The brown tones most used in decoration are the brown coffee , the brown chocolate , the Brown , the Dun , cinnamon colour and the hazelnut . Different tonalities that break with the severity of a darker brown and bring luminosity to the interiors.

Decoration in brown tones5

Decoration in brown tones6

Decoration in brown tones7

Decoration in brown tones8

Decoration in brown tones9

Decoration in brown tones10

In interior design, sometimes brown can "silence" other colors, so we will have to play with white, ocher, cream, blue, salmon and beige colors, or betting on a more colorful environment by mixing it in small quantities with other more vivid tonalities.

Decoration in brown tones11

Decoration in brown tones12

Decoration in brown tones13

What you have to keep in mind is that neutral brown tones amplify the dimensions of a room, while darker tones give us a sense of comfort and security and adapt beautifully to rustic environments. In these images you can find the inspiration needed to make a good choice of colors.

Decoration in brown tones14

Decoration in brown tones15

Decoration in brown tones16


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