Ingenious ways to store bicycles and sports equipment

Being a sports fan when you live in a small apartment can be uncomfortable. It is not easy to store your bicycle, skis and surfboards, for example in a small space. Although there are ingenious ways to store bicycles and sports equipment that allow us to integrate them into our decoration.


It is not the ideal solution, of course, and it also requires good discipline to always clean the material before placing it in its place.


But on the other hand it allows us to give a very personal touch to our decoration. Keep the bike in the hall is easy with a shelf like this that allows us to hang and also have a space for accessories.


If you are lucky enough to have a ladder you can take advantage of the lower part to hang the bicycles.


For spaces with high ceilings you can use a system of pulleys that allows hanging the bicycle and are quite cheap.


There are many systems and accessories that allow us to store the bicycle at home in a comfortable and efficient way.


Surf boards and skateboards can be used directly as decorative elements and integrated into your personal space.


This surfboard placed behind the door does not bother and gives a special touch to the decoration of this dining room.


We must take advantage of the opportunities offered by the architecture of our house to find that storage space that we need.


With rope fasteners this table still offers us a greater sailor effect in the decoration.


Skis are currently decorated with very eye-catching paintings and designs. Having them in the living is not as crazy as you can see here.

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