Ingenious interior decorations with terrariums

Inside the home, the plants bring harmony and give the rooms a fresher and more pleasant feeling. In addition to plants as such, an original and ingenious idea is to create small nurseries or terrariums . These are closed spaces with earth and plants (plants that do not need much light), but they can also have other types of decorations inside, as we will see below.


We say that they are ingenious decorations because they can be created with accessories that we have at home, such as glass containers, jars or old fish tanks. These small enclosures full of nature are going to conquer us for the beauty and naturalness of their sets.


We can use very diverse materials to create these scenarios of nature, some of them in miniature. They are suggestive and do not need much care. All you need is some earth or stones for the base, some indoor plant (from ferns, mosses, cactus ... to any other variety), some conch ... and from there you can add more elements.


This small terrarium created inside a light bulb brings creativity and love for nature in an unusual setting.


These spaces of nature will serve us to decorate centerpieces, shelves, side tables, terraces or other types of environments. We can support them on surfaces or hang from the ceiling itself, creating a type of mobile decoration that is surprising and simple:


Another very DIY idea is to use a bottle as a terrarium and decorate it with a lamp shade. It can even continue to give light if we add a light bulb.


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