Industrial, vintage and minimalist bathrooms

The bathroom is a space that we all visit daily and several times a day since we get up and take the first shower until we brush our teeth to go to bed. A place like this deserves that we dedicate time to its decoration so that we feel comfortable in it. Maybe you have decided to decorate your bathroom in industrial style but do not dare. Well then take a look at these industrial bathrooms, vintage and minimalist that will surely open your appetite.


A bathroom in industrial style may seem too extreme but we can always soften the impact with vintage or minimalist elements. The truth is that these styles combine very well with each other.


Cement for floors and walls, metal tubes to hold the sink and in some cases as we will see the pipes in the air form together or separately a great combination.


The recovered wood, with its temporary patina, will also look good because it can be used for its timeless air as well as for that industrial and unfinished touch.



The structures to fit the sinks made with metal tubes have already become a classic. They also unite aesthetics, practicality and economy.



The air pipes made with copper pipe can be used aesthetically. We can also finish with a basin sinks and copper taps to form a perfect combination.


We speak of three styles that can be combined perfectly to form original decorations and nothing monotonous although it may seem otherwise.


But glamorous bathrooms like this one can also be achieved. You can think that it does not have much of industrial but that bathtub is surely a great work of the industry of the sector.



Metal is one of the typical materials of the industrial style and can have simple presentations, a simple iron, or very elaborate as this fantastic screen.





Minimalism also combines perfectly with the industrial style. Simple, pure and elegant lines can tell you everything.


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