Industrial style kitchens

Lately the kitchens have evolved from the most traditional style, to the most modern through the minimalism or by the striking colors, however, there is a style that is having great boom, industrial .

Industrial style kitchens

At industrial style for a kitchen we look for straight and pure lines, functionality and practicality are the keys of its philosophy, we want a place that conveys a sense of order and cleanliness, a space that transmits the sobriety and robustness of its materials.

Of all the materials that we can use in the different cooking styles , here dominate the a aluminum and steel, glass and lacquered designed for intense use and almost infinite durability with little maintenance, another key to its success.

If we have a generous space the most attractive thing is to have a central island where the area for cooking and preparing food is located, leaving the appliances and the various drawers and cabinets around it.

Decorative elements such as handles are mimicked, and the decoration is reduced to rails and bars to hang the utensils, simple and practical.

In short, an avant-garde style, sober, that seeks simplicity.

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Industrial style kitchens 2

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