Indoor plants that purify our space

It is proven that the quality of the air, outdoors and in the countryside, is better and cleaner than inside our homes, since most of us live in large industrialized cities. Our houses have become toxic shelters. In the search for new ways to maintain a pure and healthy air level in our home, we have investigated the plant placement , which gives us a daily boost of healthy air. This will also add a touch of decor beautiful in the house, as we will see below.

Indoor plants that purify our space

Palma Areca : Moisturizes the air in an excellent way, eliminates carbon dioxide and toxins. A recent study gives this indoor plant an air purification score of 8.5.

Indoor plants that purify our space 1

Plant of the Serpent : it is an ideal plant for the bedrooms. Although most plants remove oxygen at night, this type of plant does the opposite and maintains a healthy amount of oxygen while you sleep peacefully.

Indoor plants that purify our space 2

Money Plant : Eliminates formaldehyde and other volatile chemicals. It will look good in any room and there is no need to say how beautiful it is.

Indoor plants that purify our space 3

Aesthetic Plants : if you are not going to use the plants to purify the air, but only as an aesthetic element, there are several options, such as the designs shown in the photos above, some more classic and others more modern. For every taste.

Source: home-designing

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