Indoor gardens

Have a small home Interior garden It is very common nowadays. There are many people who reserve a small area to grow all kinds of plants or even merge them with the furniture, creating a surprising and very beautiful effect. It is very typical in homes that seek the Zen lifestyle through trends such as feng-shui. Not only the terraces can be erected as domestic gardens; so can the kitchen itself, the living room, a corridor or even the bedroom.

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The green color, the beauty and the exuberance of the vegetation provide a relaxing interior that influences our own state of mind. The interior of the home wins a lot with this type of decorative environment, which undoubtedly favors having an interior where wood is the protagonist.

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Many of these indoor gardens are vertical gardens that grow from floor to ceiling, causing spectacular decorations on the walls of the house. The majority of these plants are vines or climbing plants, and some can be grown in the tiles of the kitchen or the living room, creating a surface of special fabric that allows the development of the plants and orients the direction in the that are going to expand naturally. A piece of furniture surrounded by vegetation in any room of the house is innovative and creates a great interior style. Another idea is to add small planters or have a surface with fertilized soil for plants.

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As is logical, we must have the basic nutrients for these plants to grow strongly: water, light, soil and a suitable temperature. The rest is to provide the necessary care for all indoor plants and monitor that they grow as we had originally planned.

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