In the house of an artist couple

Myriam and Dominique two artists at heart decided to say goodbye to the stressful life of Paris and go south, to the sunny and warm Nimes. There with their two children they founded a new home in a house of 1835 that has been converted into a student apartment since both work at home. Myriam Balay Devidal graduated in Fine Arts from Saint Etienne and is dedicated to textiles. Dominique has set up a radio station and also works at home.

A house of particular style 1

The apartment It has high ceilings and large windows that let in the Mediterranean light of the south of France. In the warm Nimes, life is more relaxed than in the cold Paris, the couple has been living in Nimes for more than ten years. Curious the walls, apparently to tear off the old wallpaper discovered a beautiful world behind him and decided to leave the walls as is.

A house of particular style 2

All the walls of the apartment, except those of the main room, have this aspect that aims to mark a kind of permanent provisionality. The living room with antique Scandinavian armchairs and an old campaign cot as a coffee table is authentic vintage.

A house of particular style 3

The guest bedroom, a small desk, matching fabrics, a screen that sweetens the light of the large window. All a charm presided by the lamp that hangs from the high ceiling. Eclectic objects gathered by the pure sensation, without stopping too much to think.

A house of particular style 4

The bedroom, the only room with white walls, is a soft shelter in the house. On the floor a carpet-like plaid and above an old armchair that has been renovated with wool on the back by Myriam herself.

A house of particular style 5

In the room of the couple a staircase leads to a loft, hung on the wall next to it, we can see another of Myriam's creations.

A house of particular style 6

The bathroom decorated with hydraulic tiles of Moroccan origin recovered protects the splashes of the old enameled iron bathtub. An oriental basket and an old folding leather stool complete this Maghrebi air bath.

A house of particular style 7

In the corridor, the old wooden staircase acts as an element of attraction, next to it a simple strip of wallpaper designed by Deborah Bownes s acts as "trompe l'oeil" and counterpoint to the real bookstore. A paper pendant made by Myriam inspired by the creations of Paola Navone.


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