In the house of a graphic designer

We bring you a short article about the house of Stéphanie, digital graphic designer and artistic director who lives in Denmark. The design of your home immediately betrays the owner's profession, the care for the lines and the details immediately jump into view. The chosen style, in the case of a professional from the world of design and also living in Denmark, is inescapably Nordic.

A Nordic style house 1

The white color and natural materials make up the base on which to build the decoration. The details, the lines, the graphics are drawn on the white canvas and give shape and character to the design. Quasi-inevitable elements, such as the Eames rocking chair, this time dressed in a synthetic leather decorate the corners of this house.

A Nordic style house 2

A Nordic style house 3

A Nordic style house 4

The three images above exemplify the graphic detail that fills the white vacuum of the house. They also demonstrate the great knowledge of the graphics applied to the decoration that the owner owns as a professional in that sector. The geometric designs can perfectly complement the minimalist design of the house and give it a new perspective.

A Nordic style house 5

A Nordic style house 6

A Nordic style house 7

A look at the photographs of the decoration of this house can provide an important number of good ideas to move to our home, if we are followers of the Nordic style of course. The owner makes a very successful use of her professional knowledge to give that touch of grace that separates a standard decoration from a personal decoration. Sometimes we let ourselves get caught up in the rules and do not dare to get out of the pre-established schemes. When in reality everything is game, we have to enjoy the decoration of our home and focus more on what we like and makes us happy that in complying with rules that nobody knows exactly who has fixed.

A Nordic style house 8

The Nordic style admits multiple looks, like almost all styles, each one has to find his own. It may not be better or worse than another, or yes, but it will be yours.


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