In search of peace of mind

This particular refuge is located in a place well north of the United States, specifically on one of the islands that form the archipelago of the San Juan Islands, in front of the State of Washington. On the Orcas island stands this wooden cabin designed by Heliotrope Architects.

House to rest 1

Perfectly integrated into the natural environment of the island, the house is built entirely of wood. The stylized and classic figure of the construction contrasts with the wide and open module added to the central construction.

House to rest 2

In the glazed module a large resting area has been set up in front of the fireplace to enjoy the island even in the cold winters that are experienced in these northern latitudes.

House to rest 3

House to rest 4

In the back is the kitchen, integrated in the open space forming a complete set of common area that takes advantage of both the views and the contribution of light offered by the huge windows.

House to rest 6

In what could be called the classic part of the house are the rooms also with large windows to enjoy the natural environment where the house is located.

House to rest 7

House to rest 8

The contrast of forms between the two parts of the house has been accentuated with the use of different woods, in a dark tone the part of two heights and in a clear tone the side and open part that allows the enjoyment in summer of an open and integrated space in front of the forest and the sea.

House to rest 9

House to rest 10

An enviable refuge to enjoy nature in the first row and with all the comforts that our era offers. A true luxury within the reach of very few but it is a pleasure to enjoy it even if only visually and letting our imagination fly.


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