In black and white

It is the most contrasting pair of colors, Yin and Yang, everything and nothing. It is also the most versatile pair of colors, and that, well used, provides more elegance. A good example of this is this apartment Parisian, where a couple lives with a baby.

In black and white

The living-dining room has been decorated in a classic style . The walls and furniture are white, and it has been left to the color black to accentuate, through cushions, frames and lamps. Upholstery from vertical stripes in the classic chairs they bring more elegance to the set.

In black and white 1

The kitchen, functional lines It is decorated soberly to give prominence to the floor, paved with a checkerboard black and white diagonal, and to the countertop, which is the only element of natural wood that is in the entire apartment.

In black and white 2

The corridors follow the lines of the rest of the house, but a classic plinth in a charcoal gray tone has been added to the walls to reduce some clarity.

Black and white 3

A little more color has been added to the bedroom: the walls have been painted in a relaxing Sky Blue , although the rest of the stay follows the same patterns in terms of decoration, mostly white with small accents, such as forging bed wave chandelier , in black.


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